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Genuine Authentic Brand - your next favorite haunt for branded products

Ray Tiller- a photographer or Video Maker based in Los Angeles and Paris.

Finding the best, authentic branded products under a single virtual roof is a dream come true. What’s even better? Finding the best, authentic branded products at the best possible prices. It’s every online shopper’s delight.

And our store, Genuine Authentic Brand, makes it possible.

We launched our store on the 4th of July, 2020, with a singular focus on making authentic brands accessible to everywhere shoppers through a range of ‘steal deals’. We offer authentic brands to brand aficionados all over the world. We are legally recognized ‘Authorized Reseller’ of branded goods, and we source our products from only the best European suppliers.

At Genuine Authentic Brand, we are all connoisseurs of authentic brands. We love them as much as you do. But we found the current online market lacking in trustworthiness. It’s filled with shady websites selling counterfeit products but at original prices. The average shopper doesn’t realize they have been peddled cheap knockoffs or Chinese counterfeits. When the penny finally drops on them, it’s almost always too late.

But when shopping from us, this will never be a problem. You can always rest assured that you are getting authentic products manufactured by original brands. All the goods/products are shipped from Europe and United States warehouses and never from China. This is another reason why you can be confident about the authenticity of your purchases.

Think of all your favorite brands, then think of a place to get them all. If you drew a blank, you are not alone. In our market survey, a majority of our responders couldn’t come up with a name. But that was before we launched. And now there is a place. It’s called Genuine Authentic Brand. GUCCI, PRADA, DOLCE & GABBANA, BURBERRY, YVES SAINT LAURENT, CHRISTIAN DIOR, CARTIER, HERMES – you name it, we have it.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We strive towards offering the best possible experience with every purchase. This means offering authentic products of the highest quality at affordable prices, delivered to you through reliable and fast shipping.

We are not here to shoot and scoot and make a quick buck. No, we are developing our store as a premium, go-to platform for all things luxurious.

We see a future; a future where Genuine Authentic Brand is the best retailer of luxury brands with a range of hundreds of brands and a family of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

Already, products have started flying off our virtual shelves just as soon as we list them and are constantly replenishing our stocks. We highly appreciate the immense trust our customers have placed in us during the first nine months of our business operations. We hope to continue to deliver on our promises and continue to satisfy both our new and loyal customers alike.

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