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Are your products authentic?

For Sneakers, we offer Lifetime Return Policy

Buy Sneakers from us, with a lifetime return, as long as the item is new, unworn, and in its original condition, with a qualifying amount of purchase. 
This means you can return the sneakers you bought from us with a lifetime return policy, as long as the goods are brand new, never worn, and in their original condition. In order to qualify for this lifetime return, you must show proof of receipt from us, and return everything that comes with the box packaging. You must buy equal to or more than the amount you purchased from us. Return the shoes first to us, we will inspect and verify the shoes first before we exchange or accept any return. 
Note: We are not responsible if you send different or fake shoes to us. Any shoes that were shipped to us and verified as fake shoes will be either recycled or donated to the non-profit organization.
The products we sell are 100% authentic, and almost all the rest of the overstocks have been purchased directly from the brands, licensees, or official distributors. We personally verify the authenticity of the products, and every product comes with the original tag attached.
We go through a meticulous process to guarantee the authenticity of the items we feature on Genuine Authentic Brand. Our authenticity professionals have over a decade of experience in the authentication of luxury goods. All vendors featured on Genuine Authentic Brand have been visited by our team and approved to offer their authentic inventory on our platform.

Our resale products are verified by means such as machine learning technology, digital authentication, in-hand verification, or a combination of the same. By doing so, we seek to ensure the product you purchase is both authentic and as described.

To support our verification process, we have logged hundreds of thousands of data points on our products to help define their authenticity. Additionally, our authentication specialists undergo mandatory training and inspect details from the label to stitching, texture to color, and so much more.


 It comes with our Genuine Card Logo 'Genuine Authentic Brand'. You'll receive an item with a Genuine Authentic Brand Card and Authorized by us that the product you will receive is a 100% Genuine and Authentic Brand.

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